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Emily Zheng

MArch prof and Urban Design
University of Auckland
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Project Title
Flexible lantern
This project sheds light on the importance of belonging spaces within a park. Following MUF Architectures' bottom-up methodology it is clear that Ponsonby needed a belonging space outside of their home and personal. Activities often occurred hidden behind barriers which often result in a disconnection between the two groups (public and private). Interestingly, the veranda is where you start to see the filter between the two conditions. My proposition envisions a park as a village for groups to congregate to feel part of a wider community. The Samoan village is a great example; the families link to the village giving them a sense of belonging to a wider community. The treatment of levels and roof structure gives importance against the individual fale while the posts segregate the spaces to provide privacy. “It takes many houses to make a village”. This project proposes that it is only when we see all the community groups (University of Third Age, church groups, mother groups) that we realise we all belong to the same village. A series of gathering spaces are placed around the edge of the park as ‘lanterns’ that light up the groups, who do not have a ‘place’ to call their own. Each gathering space can be modified by its members to adjust the degree to which it shares its activities with, and invite participation from the wider village.
Year of Completion
Design Studio