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SGA & A+W-NZ Building Workshop 2017 Kaikoura Trust

6 January 2017


Strachan Group Associates (SGA) and A+W-NZ both firmly believe in providing construction education for architects, architectural graduates and students. You may all be familiar with the excellent work Dave Strachan has carried out as Adjuct Professor at Unitec until recently, guiding students through a prefabrication process and providing completed locatable buildings to community groups. With the relocation of SGA to Rossmay Terrace in Kingsland, they have developed their own workshop facilities to create a design-build heaven, with Crate Building Innovation

A+W-NZ are very proud to partner with SGA on one of their upcoming projects, for a project for the Motu Kaikoura Trust, replacing their research and study building destroyed by arson in 2013. The building, designed by SGA, will be prefabricated at the SGA and Crate workshops in Kingsland and barged to Kaikoura Island (off Great Barrier Island) for assembly.

This course is being offered to architectural graduates and Registered Architects, to gain confidence and further knowledge on a construction site. While the various schools of architecture and Spatial Design  provide building education to students, opportunities are less often available to architectural graduates and architects, and SGA and A+W-NZ aim to fill that gap.

The timeline for the project is August / September 2017. 

Info Meeting #2: Wednesday 21 June 2017, 6pm A SGA Offices, 26 Rossmay Terrace, Sandringham.

August/September Timetable available here

The first information evening was held on Wednesday 25 January 2017, meeting minutes available here.
If you are keen for more information on this amazing opportunity, contact us at

1. Continuing Professional Development - 180 CPD points (25% Documentation / 50% Project management / 25% Core)
2. Learn and become competent with power tools and acquire basic building skills
3. Develop a real understanding of building/assembly of components/materials.
4. Learn various methods of prefabrication and efficiency of materials.
5. Become familiar with “builder” terminology for tools, fixings and materials.
6. Gain confidence and satisfaction in the process of “making” for a charitable Trust.
A one-off fee of $2450 plus GST to cover the cost of training, consumables and use of the SGAW joinery shop plus the use of Crate's large workshop. Sponsorship opportunities may be available.

We are calling for registrations of interest now, let us know if you are keen at

The first meeting for all those interested was held on Wednesday 25 January 2017,6pm, at the SGA Offices, 26 Rossmay Terrace in Kingsland. (This is a 'no obligation' meeting - information only.)
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