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Nominations for the A+W•NZ Dulux Awards 2020 are open! Who are you going to nominate this round?

The A+W•NZ Dulux Awards foster the generosity that exists in New Zealand's architectural community, and seeks to highlight those whose excellent work is sometimes unseen. The Awards reward 'bodies of work', rather than single architectural objects, an area already so well served by the many excellent award programmes that already exist.

The A+W•NZ Dulux Awards are held every three years, with the inaugural Awards held in 2014 in Auckland, followed by the 2017 A+W NZ Dulux Awards in Wellington. We look forward to the 2020 A+W NZ Dulux Awards, to be held in Ōtautahi  Christchurch on 15 August 2020.

Important Dates:

Nominations open:  6 August 2019

Nominations close: 1 June 2020

Announcement of 15 Finalists: 30 June 2020

Awards Event: Saturday 15 August 2020

For more information on the award programme, see the A+W NZ Dulux Awards webpage, and Filling The Gaps, by Lynda Simmons.

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The Wirihana Leadership Award aims to maintain focus on female leaders in their second decade beyond graduation - an important stage of their architectural lives. By the second decade beyond graduation, the career progression and registration ratio between male and female graduates is skewed. This period is significant for all architectural careers, and it seems that just as mentoring relationships are defined and future leaders noted, females become less visible, and this award aims to reverse this.

Judging & Entry Criteria

The Munro Diversity Award aims to celebrate outstanding careers or practices which continually support and/or promote diversity in architecture, and to recognise the invisible work that goes into supporting the many and varied sectors of the architectural community.

We believe that the architectural profession is made stronger through the consistent support of those who encourage and celebrate diversity, and hope this award category makes this invaluable work more visible.

Judging & Entry Criteria

The Chrystall excellence Award is a celebration of those women who have led expanded and full careers in architecture over several decades. A major focus of this career award is recognition of excellence in a body of work, leadership, and contribution to the community through mentorship.

The award takes into account the broad range of areas to which women often contribute, within and around the architectural profession. We want to celebrate and give visibility to women who are leading the way as diverse role models who may inspire younger generations and students alike.

Judging & Entry Criteria

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