A+W•NZ DULUX AWARDS 2020  -  Online event held on 15 August 2020, 7:00pm NZ time

The A+W NZ Dulux Awards 2020 were held online for the first time, in a free event held via zoom on Saturday 15 August 2020, starting at 7pm NZ time. This is the third round in our triennial awards programme, with the inaugural Awards event held in Auckland in September 2014 and the 2017 event held in Wellington.

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020 meant the cancellation or postponement of so many events globally, as well as in Aotearoa New Zealand. A+W NZ resisted both options for the 2020 awards, instead taking the opportunity to explore an online delivery of our awards event. We are hugely grateful to our awards sponsor, Dulux, who continued to support us in this experiment and during these difficult and unpredictable times.

We are very pleased that presenting online has increased access for so many – we have reached a global as well as national audience (if the time differences were bearable), and the free platform with no travel costs meant that more of our non-waged members and students than could attend. Holding the A+W NZ Dulux Awards 2020 online is in keeping with the spirit of A+W NZ as a responsive and agile organisation, and we hope to keep these positive outcomes in future awards celebrations.

The A+W NZ Dulux Awards programme has three award categories, recognising Leadership, Diversity and Excellence. It highlights full bodies of work and community connection, rather than single architectural projects.

The zoom webinar event was opened by 2020 jury member Raukura Turei (Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki, Ngā Rauru Kītahi) with waiata tautoko by partner Mokonuiarangi Smith (Rangiwewehi, Te Roro-o-te-Rangi, Rongowhakāta) and their daughter. A+W NZ Co-Chairs Divya Purushotham and Lindley Naismith introduced the sponsor and the 2020 Jury before moving into the three award category announcements.

The online platform allowed the wider A+W NZ team to be made visible, with each citation read by a different team member. Lindley used the languages of our core awards team to say welcome - Kia orana, Mabuhay, Ayubowan, Vanakam, Nihao, Dobre Dojdovte and Saludos, acknowledging who we are as a core team.   

At each winner announcement, we crossed live to the winner for their wonderful responses.

You can view the recorded event on our facebook page, the link will be posted here shortly.

Thank you to everyone involved in this A+W NZ Dulux Award round.

You can watch the full video here (83:12mins)

You can view the Wirihana Leadership Award winner announcement clip from the full video here.

You can visit the Munro Diversity Award winner announcement clip from the full video here.

You can view the Chrystall Excellence Award winner announcement clip from the full video here.

A+W NZ Dulux Awards 2020 Publication.

The awards publication has again been designed by Catherine Griffiths of Studio Griffiths, making this the third publication in the set to date.

You can order the physical copy of the 2020 awards publication by clicking the icon link at the top of the page.

All those who registered for the online awards event were sent a pdf version of the 2020 publication on the awards night, and to continue in the spirit of open access in this year of lockdowns, the pdf version of this publication is now available here.


Register now for your place in the online awards event - held via zoom on Saturday 15 August 2020, 7pm.

The Fifteen Finalists have been announced!

Congratulations to the FIVE FINALISTS for the Wirihana Leadership Award;
(in alphabetical order)

Natalie Allen (The Urban Advisory)
Felicity Brenchley (Felicity Brenchley Architects + ĀKAU)
Ilona Haghshenas (Warren and Mahoney)
Fiona Short (Warren and Mahoney)
Louise Wright (Assembly Architects)
This award category is growing strongly each award round, and was reported by the jury as the most time-consuming in terms of deliberations. The category aims to highlight female leaders in their second decade (+) beyond graduation, an important stage that research shows is most highly-impacted for females in terms of career-progression.

Congratulations to the FIVE FINALISTS for the Munro Diversity Award;
(in alphabetical order)
Jade Kake (Matakohe Architecture + Urbanism)
Katherine Skipper (Warren and Mahoney)
Julie Wilson

We are very proud of the Munro Diversity Award category, which is believed to be the only award of this kind in New Zealand. We are well aware of the huge amount of invisible work that goes into supporting the many and varied sectors of the architectural community, and this award celebrates those working hard to make architecture more inclusive, in many and various ways.

A+W NZ Dulux Awards 2020 Finalists Chrystall Excellence

Thank you to all Nominees and Nominators for this award category, which recognises excellence in a body of work, leadership and contribution to the community through mentorship.

Well Done to all of the Finalists.

Well done, too, to all the Nominees - it is wonderful to see the generosity of the wider profession in putting forward their colleagues in the nomination process. As mentioned, each award round attracts more nominees, making the job more difficult for the Jury. We hope to see you all again in some way, involved in this awards process again in 2023.

And a very big thank you from A+W NZ goes to the hard-working Jury for 2020, this is a huge time committment and we are very grateful for your generosity and expertise.

The A+W NZ Dulux Awards 2020 Jury announced;

We are very proud to announce our jury for the A+W NZ Dulux Awards 2020;
(L-R in image above)
Professor Lori Brown - Professor, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Syracuse Architecture, Licenced Architect New York AIA, Co-Founder of ArchiteXX
Dr Julia Gatley - Associate Professor, the University of Auckland, previous Head of School, SoAP (2016-18), A+W NZ, MArch, PhD
Raukura Turei (Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki and Ngā Rauru Kītahi) - Monk Mackenzie Architects, ANZIA, NZRAB, Nga Aho, A+W NZ, MArch(Prof) (1st Hons)
Andrew Tu'inukuafe - Principal, Warren and Mahoney, ANZIA, NZRAB, FDINZ, AA Dip(Grad Des), BArch(Hons)

The task for the jury is to deliberate on all nominations in each of the three award categories. They select five Finalists in each category, and one winner from the Finalists.
All fifteen Finalists will be celebrated at the A+W NZ Dulux Awards 2020 Dinner, to be held in Ōtautahi Christchurch on Saturday 15 August 2020, when the category winners will be announced.


Important Dates:

Nominations open:  6 August 2019

Nominations close: 1 June 2020 (Since 1 June is a public holiday, extended to 2 June 6pm)

Announcement of 15 Finalists: 30 June 2020

Awards Event: Saturday 15 August 2020


The A+WNZ Dulux Awards support both of the two main aims of this non-profit organisation: visibility and inclusiveness. We are committed to removing as many barriers as possible for as many people as possible, and the awards are structured to lessen the usual reasons that awards are not entered by those active in the field of architecture.

How are the A+W•NZ Dulux Awards different from the many other (excellent) awards programmes?

  1. Entry to the A+W•NZ Dulux Awards is via nominiation or self-nomination - this circumvents the typical 'modesty' barrier which often prevents entries to awards, as well as providing opportunities to be generous to our peers, mentors and colleagues.
  2. Entry is free
  3. The workload associated with awards entries is lessened via the nomination process and online entry
  4. The A+W•NZ Dulux Awards celebrate 'bodies of work', rather than single architectural objects
  5. Eligibility includes groups as well as individuals 
  6. The A+W•NZ Dulux Awards are held triennially, not annually.

Below is a list of A+W•NZ members who are NOT elligible for the 2020 A+W•NZ Dulux Awards, due to current or past involvement with the Incorporated Society which may be perceived as a conflict of interest (note that some may become eligible in 2023, after 'standing down' for at least one award cycle);

Divya Purushotham

Lindley Naismith

Lynda Simmons

Ysabelle Empiso

Theja Jayalath

Suchi Undevia

Blagica Maneva

Anner Chong

Kitty Fan

Vanessa Coxhead

Wing Chan

Tara-Lee Carden

Annie Tong

Olivia Wong

Lucy Vete

Ashleigh Robson

Jessica Short (Jones)

Abigail Hurst (Thompson)

Elisapeta Heta

Nicole Allan

Sukshma Paranjpe

Raukura Turei

Julia Gatley

Andrew Tu-inukuafe

Dave Strachan

Bill McKay