Making Room by Lynda Simmons (Opinion)

4 October 2019

At the 2019 A+W NZ AGM, Co-Founder Lynda Simmons stood down from her role as Co-Chair, after eight years of working with so many teams of wonderful people, who contribute their time and expertsie to the organisation. Lynda has an Opinion column in the ArchitectureNZ magazine, and used this platform to bring the issues she spoke of at the meeting to a wider audience. (Architecture NZ, Septemeber 2019, Issue 5).

To illustrate each column, Lynda selects a student drawing (from any era), and this article is accompanied by a drawing/photomontage by Theja Jayalath, produced for her thesis project for the MArch(Prof) degree.

Theja Jayalath ‘Perforated’ - from ‘Drawing Inhabitation’, (2016) M.Arch(Prof) thesis. Original 600 x 400mm (framed) Digital photography composition, Top: Poson Festival (19/6/16) Base: Thermaformed PET model 250 x 200mm

Theja Jayalath’s design research used recordings of Sri Lankan community events to instigate ‘atmosphere’ artworks, composed from drawing, photography and modelling. The nine artworks were taken as her design brief for a community building located in Potters Park, Mt Eden.

Theja was voted in to the A+W NZ Core Team as Events Leader at the A+W NZ AGM on 19 June 2019.

The thesis programme at The University of Auckland School of Architecture and Planning is a full-year design-by-research project. Students select their own field of study and set their own brief.


Architecture Now has also published the Opinion column online, and you can read the full text there.


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