Past Co-Founder Julie Wilson in M2 Woman 2017

25 October 2018

Sitting in a waiting room recently, I came across a 2017 issue of the M2 Woman magazine - and an article called 'Redefining Motherhood.'  There on pages 38, 39 is a profile on AW NZ Co-Founder and Secretary (2011-2016) Julie Wilson, with her four children. Julie discusses the beginnings of A+W NZ in 2011, when she had three young children and could not see how architecture would fit with her family life. She shows how alternative career paths can be valuable and rewarding, and that motherhood can be part of that career, with enough support. (Thinking of Jacinda Adern as the extreme example of having enough support!)

Many will be aware via our October Newsletter that Julie has now joined South Pacific Architecture, with another Co-Founder / Co-Chair (2011-2016) Megan Rule and Fabio Namiki, showing how working structures can change as the family grows older.