Wiki Lounge: Women, Wikipedia, Design

1 October 2015

Wiki Lounge: Women, Design , Wikipedia.

NZIA Auckland Architecture Week - Saturday 26 September

Te Iringa Room, WG308, Sir Paul Reeves Building, AUT.

2:00 - 4:00pm - Wiki Lounge

Currently female architects world-wide are under-represented on Wikipedia. As a popular and regular go-to resource for the general public, it stands to reason that including more women in Wikipedia will increase awareness of the expanding role they play in shaping our built environment. A+W•NZ aims to contribute to the global movement to 'write-in' women into Wikipedia by starting our own oral archive, and has started to conduct interviews with women of varying backgrounds, modes of practice and experiences who are currently working in the field of architecture. These interviews will be used to form the basis of future Wikipedia entries and are part of A+W•NZ wider intentions to research and document the pursuits of past and present females within the industry. So come along and be part of the wider discussion; share the stories of someone you have worked with or whose work you have admired. Take a seat, pull on some headphones and listen to some of today's most fascinating female practitioners talk about their architectural endeavours.

Rebecca Green and Victoria Streeter have made the first steps toward building the A+W•NZ sound interview archive, with the intention of publishing and eventually creating a presence of New Zealand female architects on Wikipedia.

They presented their project in its initial stages at the NZIA Auckland Architecture Pecha Kucha event on Friday 25 September, held at the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

The event was laid back and cosy - people relaxed in the bean bags and listened to interviews on the headphones. For more images of the afternoon, taken by Alice OBrien-Gortner, use this link.

A+W•NZ Team for Wiki Lounge 2015;

Rebecca Green

Victoria Streeter

A+W•NZ Co-Ordinator for NZIA AAW A+W•NZ events;

Nicole Allen