A+W NZ Dulux Awards

Past and upcoming A+W NZ DULUX AWARDS
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The A+W NZ Dulux Awards have three award categories

01 Chrystall Excellence

Celebrating the full and rich career of a female in the field of architecture.

02 Munro Diversity

Celebrating those who work hard to support diversity in the field of architecture.

03 Wirihana Leadership

Celebrating a developing career for females in their second decade after graduation.

General aims of the A+W•NZ Dulux Awards Programme:

1. Strengthening Networks:

The awards are by nomination, with the aim of fostering a generous sense of collegiality among the architectural community. The act of nomination is an important aspect in this process and the generosity of the nominator forms part of the recognition.

Self-nomination is also encouraged, in an effort to combat the idea of 'kiwi modesty', which keeps so many hidden from view.

The recognition of excellent architecture is often concentrated into awarding individuals only, however these awards are also open to the nomination of collectives and practices.

2. Keeping Awards Inclusive:

To ensure the awards remain inclusive, they are structured to minimize the cost and time commitments that are so often a barrier to award entries. The awards are simple and free, with no fees, no formatting requirements and no printing costs.

The nomination process also means that the awards are inclusive of male colleagues and friends, who become part of the awards process. One award of the three is not excluded to female entrants only.

3. Maintaining Visibility

Architecture+Women NZ simply shines the spotlight on women working in the field of architecture, because it so often misses them.

  • For Specific Aims of each Award category, see the Awards Categories (Menu Bar on this page).
  • For the reasons behind the naming of each award category, refer below (this page).
  • For more information on the philosophy behind the A+W NZ Dulux Awards programme, refer Filling The Gaps, by Lynda Simmons.