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Monday, 29 Aug 2022

The A+W NZ Timeline is on the move again - travelling to Nelson next month, exhibiting at Refinery Artspace from 29 August to 24 September 2022.

Monday 29th August 2022

10:00 am

The Refinery Artspace

This will be the seventh installation of this exhibition - which has new tiles added with each showing. Additional researchers assisting at each re-installation, including Dr Deidre Brown, Dr Lucy Treep, Lynda Simmons, Ashleigh Smith and Alex Pirie, with soundworks by Elisapeta Heta.

The Timeline is celebration of women in the architectural community, making visible the gaps in the documented histories of New Zealand’s architectural profession. The A+W•NZ Timeline was first exhibited in the Silo 6 Gallery in Auckland in our 'Between Silos' Exhibition in 2013, and was created by Marianne Calvelo, with Joy Roxas (Designer) and Lynda Simmons (Curator).

You can read more about the previous A+W NZ Timeline installations on the following links;

2013: Between Silos A+W NZ Timeline

2015: A+W NZ Timeline @ He Wai / WikiLounge

2016: A+W NZ Timeline @ Silos Revisited

2017: 100 years of Architecture by Women

2018: The A+W NZ Timeline on Tour: Hawkes Bay

2022: The A+W NZ Timeline on Tour: Christchurch

The A+W NZ Timeline Exhibition in Nelson has been originally organised by Padma Naidu, and is kindly supported by Refinery Artspace, NZIA - Nelson Marlborough Branch and Resene.

Refer to related Event page for more information on the opening event and finished installation of the A+W NZ Timeline in Nelson event.

A w nz timeline tatuhi exhibition in nelson 01
A w nz timeline tatuhi exhibition in nelson 02
image: David Veart

Tātuhi / Drawing Architecture Exhibition

Alongside the A+W NZ Timeline at the at Refinery Artspace in Nelson, the A+W NZ Tātuhi / Drawing Architecture: Sarah Treadwell Archive will also be exhibiting. This will be the first physical exhibition of the online archive, a digital storehouse of architectural drawings that is sponsored annually by Metalcraft.

Tātuhi / Drawing Architecture was established in 2017 in recognition of Dr Sarah Treadwell’s career in architecture and her influence on several generations of architects, artists and thinkers. Each year, a drawing is selected by Sarah and her nominated team - the archive serving as a slow-building record of drawing styles and influences over years and decades.

Archive drawings to date include: Oceanic Study (2017) by Sarah Treadwell, Feitu'u Faiva Long Section (2018) by Lucy Vete, Upon Constitution Hill (2019) by Matthew Boyuan Cao, Bhāvanā by Devyani Sethi, Tūrangawaewae | A Place to Stand (2021) by Jonathan Morrish and Residue of Ink No.3 (2022) by Mikaela King.

It is exciting to share founding drawings of the archive for the first time.

The A+W NZ Tātuhi | Drawing Architecture Sarah Treadwell Archive was created and is maintained by Lynda Simmons, to acknowledge Sarah in her year of retirement.

Tātuhi / Drawing Architecture Exhibition Dates: 29 August 2022 - 24 September 2022

Refer to the related Event page for more information on the A+W NZ Tātuhi / Drawing Architecture Exhibition in Nelson opening event.

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