Jane Waldegrave

NZ Registered Architect practicing
Grey Lynn, Auckland, NZ
Jane Waldegrave Architecture Ltd

I established my practice, Jane Waldegrave Architect Ltd, at the beginning of 2010 and became registered in 2011. I now share an office with other architects, ‘Archangels’, in Grey Lynn. I attended Unitec Architecture School between 2000-2005 and then worked for Pete Bossley Architects as a graduate for 4 years. Prior to studying and practicing architecture I was a family therapist for nearly 20 years. Both professions are concerned with relationships and connectedness. The bulk of my work is residential including alteration work. I believe that good spaces make a difference in people’s lives. Architecture is about good spaces and interesting buildings. I am very interested in architecture being affordable and think that architects should have a higher profile in NZ and be more involved in the political and planning aspects of the current affordable housing crisis. Our housing in NZ does not adequately cater for the large range of different family types and combinations that exist today. The 3 bedroom house is good for mum, dad and the 2 kids but not for many other ‘family’ groupings. I have a special interest in the design of live / work extended ‘family’ housing arrangements. Another area of interest is where we, as communities, gather and the sorts of spaces that work as gathering spaces. jane@waldegravearch.co.nz

Project Title
Artist's Studio
This is an ancillary building with two studio spaces and a covered deck between. It sits alongside the main house with a deck connecting to it and a new entry has been created to the house. A concrete ramp runs up to the deck. The building sits on concrete foundation walls or 'fins' and cantilevers beyond them at each end. The cladding is Ecoply Shadowclad. The joinery is timber with top hung face sliding doors used to enter the studios and main house.
Year of Completion
ancillary building