Jo Craddock

NZ Registered Architect practicing
Waimauku, Auckland
Jo Craddock Architect

I graduated from Auckland University Scool of Architecture in 1996. After several years working in Auckland and London I set up my own architectural practice in 2001. In 2003 I had my first 2 children (twins) followed by a third child in 2005. In 2006 I decided to put my registration into voluntary suspension so that I could focus on my family in their pre-school years, however during my suspension I worked on my own house. I renewed my registration again in 2011, and am now in the process of restarting my architectural practice. I am focused on creating innovative residential architecture with a focus on permanence, the use of quality materials and the desire to enhance peoples lives through the design of inspiring spaces. I have a wealth of experience in the design of residential, retail, hospitality and interiors including kitchen, bathroom and furniture design. My approach is rooted in the firm belief that design is fundamental to improving quality of life.

Project Title
waimauku house
Split level house and pool constructed of precast concrete and cedar weatherboard on timber framing. Set in a rural landscape on a 10 acre block 20 minutes from the Auckland CBD.
Year of Completion
architect/ client