Monica Gripko

Christchurch, NZ


I recently relocated to New Zealand from the United States where I worked in architectural practice for seven years. I have worked on and managed a wide range of projects ranging from Commercial and Hospitality to Healthcare, Education, and Multi-unit residential. I'm looking forward to building my career and future in New Zealand.

Project Title
Master's Thesis - Study of Homogeneous Suburban Housing
As a part of my Master's thesis, I studied "standardised suburban housing" (American suburban housing that was built en mass, mostly during the post WWII era). These housing developments were often built with homogeneous designs, but, over time, have been customised by their occupants to become unique in their plans, functions, and styles. I studied photographic documentation of houses and surveyed residents of such neighbourhoods to learn about the experience of living in and customising homogeneous housing.
Year of Completion
Master's Thesis
Independent project