Robin Allison

Non Architectural work
Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood

Robin Allison is the initiator and project coordinator of Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood. With a degree in architecture, Robin coordinated the entire development and construction phase of Earthsong, from developing the vision and group agreements around decision-making, group process and eco-design, to managing contracts, budgets and detailed oversight of the construction. Robin is a fellow of the New Zealand Social Entrepreneur Fellowship, and along with the other fellows is profiled in the recently published book "How Communities Heal", available at Her chapter is available at

Project Title
Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood
Earthsong is an innovative community-based housing development of 32 homes and common facilities in the suburb of Ranui, West Auckland, that demonstrates leading-edge sustainable design with intensive community involvement. Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood was a finalist in 2009 in both the World Habitat Awards and UN Habitat Awards.
Year of Completion
initiator and development coordinator