Siran Li

Architectural Graduate Practicing
CPRW Fisher Architects

Project Title
'What if we could live in his stories'
“I have had this book ever since I started trying to write seriously. There are ninety-eight pages in the book. I’ve counted them. And just about everyone of those pages is filled up on both sides with these so-called story ideas. Many are no good. But just about every story and every children’s book I have ever written has started out as a three-or four-line note in this little, much-worn red-covered volume.” -Roald Dahl. Just like an architects’ loose sketches documenting ideas, an author writes down one or two words that can potentially string together sentences to form a narrative. The pivotal moment being when pen touches paper, the simple act of translating thoughts into reality is where the creative process begins... This is a project that stems from the intriguing tales of Roald Dahl’s short-stories. Over the first 50 days, a visual accumulation of these stories are gathered through drawings/illustrations. The next 50 days invites the translation of the drawn into hand-crafted spatial assemblages/models.
Year of Completion
100 Days Project