Tessa Forde

Architectural Graduate Practicing
Los Angles
LOC Architects


I am currently living and working in Los Angeles at a small architecture firm focused on a variety of project types from furniture, to multi-family residential, to schools. In 2017 I attended the inaugural Free School of Architecture which was subsequently taken over by myself and three other women for the 2018 session. It continues as a global, experimental, free platform to question architectural education and practice. I am very interested in architectural education and hope to pursue further exploration of alternative pedagogy and its relationship to the architectural field at large. I am interested in the political nature of architecture and its impact on our cities and spaces. I am a great lover of reading and writing and enjoy finding ways to bring writing into my practice.

Project Title
The House that Politics Built
This House that Politics Built explores the realms between satire and sincerity, fixity and fluidity and conflict and leisure. Born from a fascination with politics, the media and its influence on our cities and spaces, The House that Politics Built proposes a new parliamentary model for New Zealand, one that challenges traditional typologies and the normative origins of design. The new Parliament Aoteroa is located in the heart of Auckland CBD. It places politicians alongside theatre goers, minimum wage workers, gamblers at the casino and attendees of the future brothel. Satire was used as a design driver, exploring the nature of politics, power and propoganda but with the intent of still designing something beautiful. When the satire slips away, the sincerity remains. This is a parliament complex designed not for the politicians but for the people. It hopes to find a way to destigmatise the government, restore a sense of public ownership and engagement in politics and make clear to the people what is theirs.
Year of Completion