Valentina Espinoza Caćeres

Architectural Graduate Non-practicing
Auckland CBD
University of Auckland

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My name is Valentina, I am a born native of Santiago, Chile who both grew up in and resides in New Zealand where I have recently completed my Masters in Architecture at the University of Auckland. I am particularly passionate about the intersections of Cinema and Architecture, and how architecture can be conceptualised from studying pre-existing narratives and historical contexts as viewed through moving image.

Project Title
ALPHAVILLE: The Foreshadowing of an Architectural Dystopia
Can the dichotomy between the narrative of a film and the representation of the built environments on screen, serve as the foundational basis for the foreshadowing of an architectural dystopia? Is an architectural dystopia a rendering of a fictional world we society seeks to avoid, or rather the reality of our present? These questions formed the basis of my thesis’ analysis on the topics of Modernist Architecture, Cinema and Dystopia. ALPHAVILLE: The Foreshadowing of an Architectural Dystopia presents an ambivalent speculation on the condition of dystopia in the Modernist architectural context of Jean-Luc Godard’s seminal 1965 film Alphaville. In this proposal, every architectural element visible on screen, becomes realised through architectural drawings. The critique of modernist architecture in the context of Alphaville is manifested in this proposal through the architectural and spatial realisation of a moving image. This thesis at its core, aspires to bridge architectural history and theory with that of cinema, in advocating for a discourse that reconsiders the manifestation of globalisation during the emergence of a Utopian dream, only to inevitably decline in its pursuit. Subsequently, this thesis implies that the condition of Modern architecture in the context of Alphaville serves as the catalyst for the foreshadowing of an architectural dystopia.
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