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Alexandra JaYeun Lee

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Alexandra JaYeun Lee
Alexandra Lee coordinates Architecture for Humanity Auckland and is a PhD candidate in architecture at the University of Auckland


Campus Unlimited Design Ideas for Christchurch

The tragic earthquake in Christchurch earlier this year rendered the downtown inoperable. With 40% of building in the central business district set for demolition the face of the city will be changed forever. At the heart of the city lay the campus of the Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti(UPT).

On February 22nd 2011, students and Learning Advisors from UPT were spread throughout their campus. All escaped but only one of their three buildings remains. What made their situation unique is that the campus of their 'special character school' was situated throughout the devastated Christchurch inner-city.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the Open Design Ideas Competition: Campus Unlimited. Designs may be submitted by an individual or by a team. There is no limit to the number of entries per person, or the number of teams with which an individual may participate.

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