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Eva Albiston

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Eva Albiston


City of fragmentation.

The year is 3050. Wellington has been plagued with almost daily mega-quakes for over 100 year now however it still remains a thriving capital city. The first quake saw the city reduced to nothing but rubble. Majority of wellington was wiped out and thousands of politicians were left dead after the beehive collapsed. The remaining citizens of wellington were then left with one choice, adapt, or abandon. The majority of surviving residents chose the former. With the government collapsed, every day Wellingtonians were then left with the task of recreating a city which would not be affected by the quakes and these structures began to emerge from the ruins of the city. The resulting developments are a model of ‘kiwi ingenuity’. Transferring the 'shed you built on the weekend with what you had lying around' mentality to a city sized scale.
Year of Completition