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Tuhiena Bhaumik

NZ Registered Architect Practicing
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Tuhiena Bhaumik
With nine years of professional industry experience, I became a Registered Architect with the NZRAB in September 2021.

My study, travel and work across Europe, India and New Zealand have given me multi-cultural exposure while helping me nurture a unique design style.

Within New Zealand, I have enjoyed working on early childhood centres, sports’ buildings and residential refurbishments. I had also co-ordinated and managed high-rise multi-dwelling projects from schematic design to on-site construction and completion, in India.

My Masters studies in New Zealand helped me explore spatial design to facilitate healing for people and animals together. These spaces nurtured symbiotic animal-human bonds while responding to their cognitive and sensory needs.

I am passionate about design and research on extreme environment architecture. I have a keen interest in designing building forms as self-sustaining energy generating entities. Art, dance, music, hiking and physics among the least, inspire and animate my creative process.


The Lakes Early Childhood Education Centre

This Early Childhood Education Centre has been designed for 90 children aged 0-5 years in Tauranga, New Zealand.

Designed as a simple rectangular box, the form is articulated by dynamic angled and V-pilasters. The monolithic gable roof form is broken up with sections of translucent roofing and a turret-like high-level skylight.

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Photo Credits: Paul McCready
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The lakes