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Anya Seth

Architectural Graduate Practicing
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Anya Seth
I am an architectural graduate based in Tāmaki Makaurau. I have almost two years professional experience working in residential architecture, specifically renovations, and have been working towards a Project Architect role. With a diligent and pragmatic approach to design, I enjoy contributing to projects that foster a deep connection between people, environment, and craft.



For my Master's Thesis at Victoria University of Wellington, I completed a thesis titled 'Togetherness' in 2021. This body of work examined how architecture may more appropriately address experiences of social isolation and loneliness within student accommodation through designing for wellbeing and atmosphere. Specifically, this was assessed through the selected conditions of the senses, connection, materiality, and its application explored through two scales of design. Ultimately, Togetherness provides a tangible vision for how the current hardships young individuals are facing within student accommodation may be addressed and supported architecturally.
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