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Pranjali Puri

Architectural Designer
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Pranjali Puri
I am an Architectural Designer and I completed my bachelors in India. I worked for a year in India and then decided to pursue my Masters of Architecture (Professional) for the University of Auckland. I have a small resin art business to keep me relaxed on the weekends and I enjoy my free time with friends and family. I love listening to music and playing my guitar.
Looking For a Mentor
I want to explore Architecture more to the depths and intend to, in the long run travel and practice architecture!


Re-imagining Architecture through a cultural dialogue

Architecture plays an essential role in shaping the face of a city. Auckland is one of the main cities in New Zealand and as the financial capital of the country, it has a large number of tourist attractions. The city’s buildings should reflect its people and culture and acknowledge the cultures of the large number of immigrants that have stayed and contributed to the economy.
This thesis explores how a space can be designed in Auckland that is much denser and is culturally sensitive to the needs of both the user and the designer while working within the specifications of the building design rules.
This thesis delves into the values and design principles of two cultures- Indian and Māori - to explore the common grounds on which our ancestors have developed and practised these design principles . The amalgamation of these ideas has then been studied and transformed to meet modern needs while still representing the ideologies and thought processes behind each rule.
I have tried to keep in mind the population density of Auckland City to design a space that would house about 126 homeless people and create an example for the future. This would help organizations and communities come together and grow as individuals and as a community. It will be a landmark in itself to signify and glorify the intermingling of two cultures and to show respect and appreciation for each other.
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Re-imagining Architecture through a cultural dialogue

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