The 2nd TOAST!

16 August 2016

The second TOAST Breakfast was held on 16 August 2016, and a smooth and positive way to start the day. Director in the practice Sills van Bohemen and NZIA President Christina van Bohemen talked encouragingly about the state of the profession and how things may be changing in the industry. Her vision for incorporating equity issues into Institute policy are very exciting and A+W•NZ are looking forward to working with her on adapting the Parlour Guidelines for a New Zealand context. Field & Green is a fantastic venue for the TOAST Breakfast Series - stunning food, well-designed space and overall character - right down to the cutlery selection. Which of course makes for great conversation. A+W•NZ thank Christina for leading the conversation and for an excellent morning in general.




The second A+W•NZ Wellington Toast event is coming up!

The guest for the second Toast event is Christina van Bohemen, NZIA President and Director in the practice Sills van Bohemen, on Wednesday 31 August 2016.

The venue for Toast is Field & Green, 262 Wakefield St, Wellington, opened since 2015 serving European Soul Food. One of the two women behind Field & Green is "formerly a director at renowned healthcare architectural firm Medical Architecture where she oversaw the running of the company across several UK offices and its work on local and international projects."

Tickets are limited to 40, and the first Toast event sold out, so book via eventbrite now to avoid disappointment.

On 16 August, the first Toast event was held - a shared breakfast at Field & Green with Sally Ogle.

The Third A+W•NZ Toast event is being held on Tuesday 13 September 2016, watch for the next A+W•NZ for announcement of the guest.


5 CPD points per Breakfast.

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, Warren & Mahoney and Jasmax.