Lockdown Mentoring Meetings

5 July 2020
During Lockdown, A+W NZ set up an online meeting forum so people can come together and discuss the issues facing them — from isolation, or loss of income to positive outcomes from flexible hours and working from home, your legal rights or career change options. With topics defined by the participants, these informal meetings are held on an ad hoc basis, as and when the need or topic for discussion arises.
During lockdown and beyond we have been challenged and we have adapted, learnt new skills and sought support for both ourselves and our colleagues. Whatever the situation, there is a real need for discussion at this time so that circumstances can be shared, and skills and knowledge can be strengthened to assist in navigating our profession in the pandemic and beyond. These meetings aim to provide a network of collegial support, and one (of many) ways that we can do that is by exploring a broader context of the state of the profession.

Mentoring Meeting 3: Options in Academia with Dr Julia Gatley and  Dr Karamia Muller, Lecturer, School of Architecture and Planning, the University of Auckland.

When:   Monday 24 August, 6.00–7.00pm

Where:  Zoom - Meeting ID: 977 5592 1838 | Passcode: 302181

Mentoring Meeting 2: Work and Self in Architecture with career development practitioner Brenda James. The A+W NZ Lockdown Mentoring Meetings are free and no booking required, just join us online via Zoom (link below).
What is happening in the architectural industry and job market, what can we expect and what are we looking out for? What relevance is the gig economy in our profession? How can we create and maintain work/life balance when everyone is feeling less secure about their jobs.
 These are only some of the questions that spring to mind and Brenda is joining us to answer your questions and share her view of the architectural industry and job market, what the future of work is shaping up to be, a little about the gig economy, how you can reflect on our own career during this time and short strategies to assist with self-care, self-management, positive mindset, and career planning.
When: Thursday 18 June, 6.00–7.00pm
Where: Online via Zoom, https://auckland.zoom.us/j/94233621716

For so many, the new reality of working from home and juggling family responsibilties with their work environment is just another normal day. Parents and Caregivers (mainly women) have been doing this for years, and we believe the workplace transition into our new Covid-19 lockdown levels can benefit from the knowledge from those for who this is 'just another day at the office'.

So we are encouraging connection, in order to spread the knowledge of this experienced group among the wider groups in our industry. Our Mentoring pages are there for you to connect with each other (without our interference - to link your profile page with the Mentoring page, just go to 'Set My Mentoring Status' on the Mentoring Page.)

We have noticed that the practices that have made the transition easily are those who have already responded to the needs of the workforce for flexible and reduced hours, and those struggling seem to be the practices who have resisted change until now. We hope that both the benefits and difficulties of an entire flexible workforce are recognised and worked through easily, and look forward to renewed and re-structured practice structures as we emerge from the Lockdown levels.

Another way to share your thoughts and experiences is via to our Collecting Stories page, which may help others dealing with similar issues. This can be done by emailing us directly, or via our Survey 07. (Our surveys include everyone - no need to be a member to take them and the broader the survey sample the clearer the picture is that emerges.).

Staying connected is especially important in these days where many are isolated. Let us know about the challenges and the positives of this time of change, we will add your (anonymous) comments to our Collecting Stories page.