Tātuhi / Drawing Architecture Archive

Welcome to the Tātuhi / Drawing Architecture: Sarah Treadwell Archive, sponsored by Metalcraft. This is an online archive, established on 26 August 2017, and is a digital storehouse for architectural drawings. The intention is to add one selected drawing per year, so that the archive becomes a slow-building record of selected trends and approaches to drawing and architecture, particular to their time. 

image by David Veart


In early 2017, Dr Sarah Treadwell retired from academic life at The University of Auckland, School of Architecture and Planning, New Zealand. Her legacy is so broad and her influence on several generations of architects, artists and thinkers so deep, Architecture+Women•NZ wish to make a special acknowledgement of her career in architecture. As well as recognising Sarah’s extraordinary work and critical thinking, we also celebrate her grace, wisdom and patience. 

As Sarah moves into her life in art, it seems appropriate to acknowledge her major contribution to the ‘drawing culture’ which exists at Auckland’s School of Architecture and Planning. The level of sophistication with the use of drawing in design process as well as output is a direct result of Sarah’s critical approach to the use of media in architecture. 

In recognition of this legacy, A+W•NZ have established this online archive, in her name. 

The first drawing submitted to this archive is, of course, one of her own. 


Thank you, Sarah. For everything. 


The fineprint:

  1. The selection of each annual drawing will be made by Sarah Treadwell, and/or her team of nominated selector(s).
  2. One drawing will be selected each year. Sarah and her nominated team may elect to add more than one drawing to the archive in any year.
  3. The annual drawing will be selected from the end of year architecture and Spatial Design graduation shows by The University of Auckland, Victoria University, Unitec and AUT, as well as competitions such as the AAA Visionary Awards and NZIA Student Award.
  4. The selected annual drawing will be uploaded in January of each year.
  5. The author of the selected drawing will be asked to provide permission for the (digital) use of the drawing, in perpetuity. Copyright remains with the author of the work, as does the original work.
  6. The author will receive $500 for the acknowledgement of granting their permission for use of the drawing on the A+W NZ website.
  7. The author's name and date will be watermarked on the drawing.


This Drawing Archive is proudly sponsored by Metalcraft NZ, who have an ongoing interest and support in both architecture and the arts.

2018 Drawing

Lusitania Vete:  Feitu'u Faiva Long Section. By Lusitania Vete, 2017

Title: Feitu'u Faiva Long Section
Size:  620 x 270mm
Media: Watercolour, ink, digital, mixed media

Date:  2017

2017 Foundation Drawing

Sarah Treadwell:  Oceanic Study. By Sarah Treadwell, 2015 

Title: Oceanic Study
Size:  2197 x 1158
Media: Experimental combined layers, mixed media
Date:  2015