Edith Chan

NZ Registered Architect practicing
ChowHill Architects ltd.

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I'm an Aucklander who focuses my attention on designing for occupants. I'm interested in refreshing and improving daily experiences, and designing spaces that are effortlessly occupied and utilised. I have graduated from the University of Auckland and practiced in Architecture since. I've been involved in a range of projects, including multi storey hospitals, hybrid operation theatre, high-value residential and multi-unit development, waterfront baches, and also commercial developments.

Project Title
Operation Theatre Extension Project
An extension to the existing surgical corridor. A new Operating theatre and a Cardiac Operating Hybrid theatre, with Pre-op Bed Bays, control room, server room, and supporting clinical spaces. The new Hybrid Operation theatre is equipped with Philips Healthcare 2017 latest model imaging system; a ceiling mounted 2 rail C-Arm. Edith was heavily involved in this project from Preliminary design, throughout till Practical Completion Signoff.
Year of Completion
Documentation & Project Administration