Abigail Spence


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36. Studying full-time with two young kids. Vaguely coping - any advice?! Drawn to ways justice + architecture intersect, also the Pakeha/Maori conversation and where I can serve in that. Dream career would be a mix of high-end residential and commercial work, social housing / cohousing projects, making policy recommendations and tutoring students. Auckland is changing and it needs to be shaped by architects, not developers. Suprised no AKL firms are teaming up (yet) with Nightgale to roll out apartments here in Auckland. Let's take on Aucklands overpriced housing stock. They did it in Berlin. Related: empty second houses + folk living in cars and garages - many children. Deficient building code that makes too many Kiwis sick, some for life. Those will be my fights, I think. If you're already in the arena fighting please get in touch. I'd love to use my undergraduate research and later my thesis to build on work already happening in these areas.

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Snapshot of first year work