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A+W•NZ Timeline @ Silos Revisited AAW 2016

The A+W NZ Timeline returns to the Silos for AAW 2016 Monday, 19 Sep 2016

The A+W NZ Timeline was first exhibited in the Silo 6 Gallery in our Between Silos Exhibition, held in 2013. Here we re-exhibit at the same venue, but in a different location, as part of the NZIA AAW 2016.

Monday 19th September 2016 — Sunday 25th September 2016

Silo 6 Gallery, Wynyard Quarter Auckland



The A+W•NZ Timeline was first exhibited in the Silo 6 Gallery in our 'Between Silos' Exhibition in 2013, and here we re-exhibit as part of AAW 2016. The A+W•NZ Timeline was created by Marianne Calvelo, with Joy Roxas (Designer) and Lynda Simmons (Curator). That team is still working on the Timeline, with additions and changes as it continues to grow and include many facets of this country's architectural history.

Additions to the original A+W•NZ Timeline for this installation are a sound installation by Elisapeta Heta ('He Wai' Venice Biennale contribution, plus segments of interviews with 5 architects, interviews originally recorded as part of the A+W•NZ Wiki Lounge project) and a projected video compilation of images of Dame Whina Cooper (from a 1980s documentary by Communicado). Thanks goes to Dick Reade of Reade Audio Ltd for the use of the recording studio facilities.
This installation is one of several in the Silo 6 Gallery AAW16 exhibition - curated by the NZIA. Other exhibitors include The Roots Collective, AKAU, the NZILA Tim de Beer and Bobby Shen with Panuku, and Antonia Lapwood, Maui 'Ofamo'oni.

01 A+W NZ Timeline Re-visited #03

Original A+W NZ Timeline created by Marianne Calvelo, with Joy Roxas (design)

01 Research and Sound additions

Sound exhibition by Elisapeta Heta, additional research Dr Deidre Brown, Lynda Simmons

IMG 0250
image credit: Joe Hockley for NZIA 2016

Women have been consistently present in New Zealand's architectural history, however largely absent from our documented stories. (If you need proof of this, look no further than the recent TV Series 'The New Zealand House' (2016), which featured no work by women in it at all.)

The A+W NZ Timeline project aims to change our recorded histories. The exhibition gathers information into a public, published format - making visible the many teams of people and events that remain unpublished in Aotearoa New Zealand. The design of the exhibition, by Marianne Calvelo and Joy Roxas, was intentionally atomised and additive, leaving gaps to be filled in the future as more research uncovers more stories.

IMG 9951

Thanks to the whole installation team;

Divya Purushotham

Sarah Peddie

Edith Chan

Jacqueline Middleton

Amy Laud

Ida Ibrahim

Corinne Lee

Alison Tsoi

and the core team Nicole Allan, Elisapeta Heta, Lynda Simmons.

Sound and projection installations by Elisapeta Heta and Lynda Simmons.

Thanks also to the Auckland University Architecture student volunteers who were attendants for the exhibition; Mishori Dunraj and Zena Gerrard.

Photos of the Chow:Hill team assisting Nicole, Elisapeta, Divya and Lynda install the A+W-NZ Timeline for AW16;

Whina in situ

Organising Team

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